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by The Doll

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Tax 04:17
The BRD 02:42
Brutette 05:05
GCF aka FGB 04:54
Bastard 03:16
TCB 05:00
Daddy Duties 09:44
Turkish Babe 05:52


This album was birthed from a brief but fevered exchange between The Doll & the Big Daddy of Hollow Earth Radio, Mr Garrett Kelly ESQ. Yes, a mere few minutes of 2D interweb conversation - & a new genre was born... DIAPER CORE.
Shove your earplugs real deep, don your cans, & enjoy.


released March 24, 2014

Cover art by Ruby Nekk

"Ringing, laser glitches and crashes all begin things and they sound together like an engine revving up. Talking is buried back in there somewhere too. Laser whooshes change the pace into the idea of a spaceship taking off. Crackling static has forced me to create a new word- harsharpness: a combination of harshness and sharpness. As I think the side might be coming to a close, it instead begins to come through in waves. Fading static turns to drilling and then there are some skips. It sounds kind of like an airport.

Through some skips and talking this becomes rather drone in the way that you might think of a plane having a leak while it's flying or... Well, something like when they open the door on an airplane in the movies to let the bad guys fly out while the good guys hold on only not as big so maybe a window. There is also this haunted feel to it, as if some great monster has been caught and is dying. Is it wrong to call this portion of the cassette "Godzilla with asthma", because I actually think that's kind of cool (And I have asthma so don't get all bent out of shape about it, people!) A screeching comes ringing through at a moderate pace, as if a gallop on a horse. (It's even a little bit bumpy)"
- raisedbygypsies.blogspot.com/2018/04/cassette-review-doll-rash.html




The Doll Patea, New Zealand

Contact mics, balloons, vox, magnetic tape, percussion junk, garbage from side of the road, horns, appliances, T-Pain mic & field recordings. Cool Edit Pro on an XP craptop.

The Doll plays in TBA & PUNTERS (Seattle noise improv) Septithe (AK BBQ Doom) tujuh kuda (London noisy ambient) Toxic Octopus (London distortions) Unknown Tofu (improv percussion) US/Aotearoa collective noiser Contact Mike
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