Lennon Honey

by CIAO feat The Doll

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These tracks were included in the cd "My Life with John Lennon" that accompanied issue 24 of Bryce Galloway's zine "Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People"

'Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People' is a fanzine put out by Bryce Galloway (aka Mr. Pudding). Issue 24 contains a story detailing the birth of his second child and a 22-track CD of John Lennon covers from various contributors.

Sean Kerr's Merry Christmas is unrecognisable and does a good job of simulating a wrecked stereo. gfrenzy is the guy at the party whose guitar gets confiscated. Mr Pudding's Beautiful Boy harkens back to his roots as a protagonist of lo-fi absurdists Wendyhouse. Give Peace A Chance by F.E.T is a collision of shrieking feedback and low frequency throbbing.

Rubber Banana's Working Class Hero is an acapella take on the tune prefaced with a disclaimer as to Lennon's true nature. Adam Fulton's Oh My Love is quietly reflective. The Futurians are more painful than Atari Teenage Riot.

Generally, the least successful renderings are those that stick most closely to the originals, tending towards kitchen table acoustic guitar sing-a-longs of questionable quality. This collection deconstructs familiar material and may be most enjoyed by fans of industrial noise, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Or those who normally dislike John Lennon."

By Jacob Connor (NZ Musician)


released June 1, 2006

CIAO feat The Doll

Cover art photo by Ruby Nekk in Changwon, South Korea




The Doll Auckland, New Zealand

hideous no-fi mash-up melange

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