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Allergic to Fun

by The Doll

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Party Doll 04:35


Vox recorded using a midget laptop in the bog and a Zoom H1 in the lounge on E Pike Street, Seattle.

released 13 June 2015


released June 13, 2015

The Doll feat Dr Obaite (Track 1)
Cover art made by The Doll in Photoshop CS2 ME from an image received via email from Mickey McMick

"After listening to a number of Dolly's Ditties, I felt a profound, creeping sense of deep anxiety, almost a paranoia...about MYSELF...I looked in the mirror, the face looking back at me had become alien-plastic like, dead black eyes...staring through all my defenses to the very CORE of my being...I felt VIOLATED...in several areas of my psyche...do NOT under any circumstances, EXPOSE children to this "music"...

- Pete Jones (who we miss so very much)

"Are you having fun?? Please don’t. I’m warning you, this is not a joke, as just like The Doll I’m pretty much allergic to it. Giving me trouble inhaling air as even the slightest bit of Fun gives me spots all over my face, provides me with a belly burning from the inside out, terrible 18+ curse words will pop mercilessly out of my head between the unstoppable farts from the anus. Fun? Please, oh hell no!"
- yeahiknowitsucks.wordpress.com/2020/04/02/the-doll-allergic-to-fun/




The Doll Patea, New Zealand

Contact mics, balloons, vox, magnetic tape, percussion junk, garbage from side of the road, horns, appliances, T-Pain mic & field recordings. Cool Edit Pro on an XP craptop.

The Doll plays in TBA & PUNTERS (Seattle noise improv) Septithe (AK BBQ Doom) tujuh kuda (London noisy ambient) Toxic Octopus (London distortions) Unknown Tofu (improv percussion) US/Aotearoa collective noiser Contact Mike
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