28 Til Now

by The Doll


Released by Dog Park Records: dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/28-till-now

A Few Kisses Ago - live in the Gimp Room, Seattle 8/28/15
House Party
contact mics, mini amps, Osterizer Galaxie blender, Nokia C101, T-Pain mic, pedals

Tape Gutting - live at the Audio Foundation, Auckland 7/28/16
Altmusic 'Deep Days, Listening Nights' opening night
contact mic, cassette tape, video tape, amp

Windmills - live at Ramp Gallery, Hamilton 10/28/16
'ThreeD Words: NZ Women Comic Makers' opening night
contact mics, mini amps, record player, permanent marker stylus, cardboard, T-Pain mic, pedal

Thanks to Becs, Jeff, Indira, & Claire
released February 8, 2017


released February 8, 2017



The Doll Auckland, New Zealand

hideous no-fi mash-up melange

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